Best Fish Finder Under $500 (In 2021)

Best Fish Finder Under 500

Fast-advancing innovations have actually lowered the costs of marine electronics. As a result, you can find great fish finder options that include features that were formerly found only on more costly devices. That’s why you can find lots of items with all the functions that you’ll need that expense just 500 dollars or less. If this is your budget plan, here you’ll discover evaluations including the best fish finder under 500.

Top 6 Fish Finders Under 500
fish finders that expense less than 500

Humminbird HELIX 5
Display: 5″
Sonar: CHIRP/Mega Down/Side Imaging
Watts RMS: 500
Max depth: 1,500 ft.
Maps: U.S. lakes and seaside areas.

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comparison of fish finders under 500.

Garmin Striker 7SV.
Display: 7″.
Finder: CHIRP/ClearVu/SideVu.
Watts RMS: 500.
Max depth: 2,300 ft.
Maps: none.

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best fish finder under 500 dollars.

Humminbird HELIX 7.
Display: 7″.
Sonar: CHIRP/Mega Down Imaging.
Watts RMS: 500.
Max depth: 1,200 ft.
Maps: U.S. lakes and seaside areas.

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ice fishing fish finder under 500.

Humminbird Ice Helix 5.
Display: 5″.
Sonar: Dual Spectrum CHIRP.
Watts RMS: 500.
Max depth: 400 ft.
Maps: Basemap.

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low-cost fish finder.

Garmin ECHOMAP Plus 73cv.
Display: 7″.
Sonar: CHIRP.
Watts RMS: 500.
Max depth: 800 ft.
Maps: LakeV├╝ HD.

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high-end fish finder.

Lowrance HOOK2 7.
Show: 7″.
Finder: CHIRP/Down Scan.
Watts RMS: 500.
Max depth: 800 ft.
Maps: C-MAP United States Inland.

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Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP MDI GPS G3.

best fish finder under 500 dollarsOur leading choice is the Helix 7 CHIRP MDI fish finder. It’s a fish finder and chartplotter combination that provides incredible sonar and navigation abilities. It comes from the third generation of Humminbird fish finders and it presents all the most recent innovations from the brand name.

The device includes a TFT display screen that measures 7 inches in diagonal. The large screen makes it easy to determine your next catch. Furthermore, it permits various split screen choices.

Likewise, with the backlighting, you can easily read the screen even in direct sunshine and at various angles. The display is keypad operated and it uses an intuitive interface.

For sonar, it uses Dual Spectrum CHIRP and Mega Down Imaging. The Dual Spectrum CHIRP can operate in 3 modes: Full, Narrow and Wide mode. The Narrow and Wide modes are fixed with the frequency variety set at 180-240kHz and 140-200kHz. The produced conical beams are 25 and 42 degrees. When it comes to the Full mode, you can adjust it to your preference and choose any frequency in the variety 150-220kHz.

The consisted of Low Q CHIRP transducer also includes Mega Down Imaging capability. You can choose in between routine Down Imaging that will run in the frequency of 440-500kHz or switch to Mega Down Imaging that uses even higher frequency that is 1075-1150.

The transducer has a rugged style that you can mount on the transom. It likewise uses excellent depth capability. Its maximum scanning depth is 1,200 feet in freshwater. Nevertheless, the Down Imaging mode can only reach 350 feet and the Mega DI just 150 feet.

If the 1,200 feet depth capability is insufficient for your fishing requires, then you buy the optional 50kHz transducer. With this system, you’ll have the ability to scan depths up to 3,500 feet.

This fish finder likewise uses excellent navigation functions. It uses maps of the U.S. lakes and seaside areas. However, they are not especially detailed. If you’re not satisfied with the information in the included Basemap, you can upgrade the device’s database with Navionics or LakeMaster charts.


7 inch TFT display.
Transom mount transducer consisted of.
Dual Spectrum CHIRP.
Mega Down Imaging.
Depth ability as much as 1,200 feet.
Finder recording and many other sonar functions.
Integrated GPS system.
Charts can be updated.
Waypoints and paths function.
Easy to install.


The consisted of maps are not very in-depth.

Humminbird Helix 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2.

fish finders that expense less than 500Another terrific alternative from the Humminbird brand is the Helix 5 CHIRP SI GPS G2 fish finder. It originates from the brand name’s second generation fish finders and it’s the ideal option for those who would prefer to have both the side imaging and down imaging alternatives.

This fish finder includes a screen that at 5 inches is a bit smaller sized than the previous design. However, it still provides sufficient screen area and the capability to view your sonar information in split screen. It’s also a color screen that features high resolution, that makes it easier to distinguish all the details displayed on the screen.

This fish finder features a transducer that uses 3 functions in one system. The system’s sonar abilities include CHIRP sonar, Down Imaging and Side Imaging. You can see each one independently or have them displayed side-by-side in split screen mode.

You can use 83/200kHz for 2D sonar viewing that offers 20 and 60 degree angles. This Dual beam sonar enables you to choose in between a narrow and a broad view of the underwater. You can also see them on a split screen.

Alternatively, you can regulate the pulse through the CHIRP function, which would provide you with comprehensive images of what’s taking place listed below your boat. With this finder function, you can scan depths up to 1,500 feet.

For Side and Down Imaging, you can either utilize the 455kHz frequency or modulate the pulse in the 420-520kHz frequency range. The 2nd alternative also uses CHIRP sonar, which improves the imaging quality and target detection. When it pertains to depth ability, Side Imaging can reach depths approximately 200 feet and Down Imaging can scan depths up to 350 feet.

The consisted of transducer is created for a transom install. For a trolling motor mount, you’ll need to individually acquire an adapter kit.

To help you navigate the waters, there’s a built-in GPS receiver. It will help you keep track of your place on the map and it will help you prepare routes and save waypoints. This Humminbird fish finder consists of the exact same Basemap charts as the Helix 7 design. If you choose, you can also update the system to better charts.


5 inch screen.
Split screen capability.
CHIRP finder.
Down and Side Imaging.
Consists of transducer with a power output of 500 watts.
Scans depths up to 1,500 feet.
Finder recording and other beneficial functions.
GPS system.
Consists of Basemap charts.
Transom install.


Smaller sized screen.

Garmin Striker 7sv.

comparison of fish finders under 500Garmin is another popular brand in the market and its most popular fish finder under 500 is the Garmin Striker 7sv (you can also check out our Garmin Striker Plus 7sv evaluation). It’s a high quality system that offers exceptional worth for the money.

The fish finder consists of a 7 inch display. It features a color screen, supplying more detail and making it simple to different fish from debris and other objects on the screen. The crisp images likewise allow you to determine with ease the specific area of the target fish.

This unit comes with an all-in-one transducer, suggesting that it uses all 3 functions: CHIRP, side scan and down scan finder. And thanks to the plus size of the display, you can see all these finder readings on a split screen. This enables you to compare the finder returns, making it simple to discover target fish. It also permits you to take a look at the undersea world from every angle, so you can see all the items lurking listed below.

So, firstly, it uses standard CHIRP innovation, which offers a high level of clearness and information. Given that it runs over a wide variety of frequencies, it provides a larger range of information, assisting you to detect target fish with ease.

The consisted of transducer also combines ClearVu and SideVu innovations. They run at frequencies 266/455/800kHz and supply you with a photo of what’s happening right listed below your boat and to its sides.

Another benefit of this system is its depth ability. It can scan waters as deep as 2,300 feet in freshwater and as deep as 1,100 feet in saltwater.

Sonar capabilities of this fish finder don’t end there. It likewise uses an ice flasher that can be used for stationary fishing. This mode is best for ice fishing and vertical jigging. It uses a circular scale that includes depth markings of undersea objects.

The fish finder likewise has a built-in GPS receiver. Sadly, there are no maps included. It only shows the boat’s position on a blank white screen. Nevertheless, it does allow you to save waypoints and track routes, making it simple to go back to them in the future.


7 inch color display.
Split screen seeing capability.
CHIRP finder, ClearVu and SideVu.
Includes ice flasher function.
Depth ability up 2,300 feet.
High-sensitivity GPS.
Waypoints functions.
Easy to set up and use.
1 year guarantee.


No Micro SD slot for updating mapping.
Does not provide maps.

Humminbird Ice Helix 5.

ice fishing fish finder under 500If you’re looking for a fish finder under 500 for ice fishing, then we recommend checking out the Humminbird Ice Helix 5 model. It can be found in a portable kit and it offers functions developed particularly for ice fishing.

The system provides a 5 inch display, which permits you to maximize its sonar abilities. Also, with high resolution and color, it makes it easier to read the screen and compare different showed details.

This fish finder features both standard finder and ice flasher mode. Standard finder runs using CHIRP technology that supports 50/83/200kHz frequencies. You can either modulate the operation over a series of frequencies to get the most detail or choose to use the Dual Spectrum CHIRP.

The Dual Spectrum CHIRP feature enables you to pick either a narrow or a wide beam with angles 15 and 21 degrees. Depending on which mode you select, you can either scan a greater depth with more in-depth returns or scan a larger area.

This system likewise includes an ice flasher. It features a digital depth screen with a depth scale. When using it, you can likewise choose between the narrow and the broad cone in order to fine-tune the finder protection.

There is likewise a broad variety of viewing choices available. You can choose to see simply the ice flasher or have it showed side-by-side with the traditional 2D sonar. Additionally, you can view it on a split screen with mapping on one side and sonar on the other.

Another fantastic function of this fish finder’s sonar is the six-setting interference rejection. You can change it so that if there are any contending finder signals around you, you’ll still get a clear picture of both finder and flasher.

As the other fish finders discussed on this list, this model likewise includes a GPS system. It consists of Humminbird’s standard Basemap. It’s not the most detailed map, but it can be upgraded.

This is a total portable set. The fish finder includes a bring case, ice fishing transducer, cable television and a battery with a charger. So, when you get your brand-new fish finder, you just require to charge the battery and it’s ready for use.


5 inch LCD display.
CHIRP finder.
Ice flasher.
Six-setting disturbance rejection.
Double beam technology.
Split screen.
Integrated GPS.
Consists of Basemap charts.
Can be updated to better charts.
1 year service warranty.


Needs upgrading for more detailed maps.
Preferable for ice fishing than boat fishing.

Garmin Echomap Plus 73cv.

inexpensive fish finderThe Garmin Echomap Plus 73cv is also a fantastic ice fishing bundle. It’s a great option for those who are searching for a system that would be used for ice fishing instead of boat fishing.

This device also uses a large screen that determines 7 inches in diagonal. It makes it simple to see it from a range and it makes it possible to view different types of information all at once. For example, you might see the flasher and the maps side-by-side.

The display screen also integrates keypad and touchscreen operation. Having the keypad is a good addition considering that if you’re wearing gloves, you would not have the ability to use the touchscreen.

For sonar, the fish finder includes the standard CHIRP innovation and an integrated flasher. Using CHIRP sonar, you can choose beamwidth in the range in between 8 to 16 degrees. It’s a narrow CHIRP transducer, which is best for ice fishing. It offers highly detailed images, so you can clearly see fish arches, bottom structure and other underwater objects.

The flasher features a circular scale. It reveals you the depth of different submerged objects. This can help you detect fish and enjoy your jig. You can also compare the flasher information with the conventional sonar by viewing both returns on a split screen. This provides remarkable readout and more success with capturing fish.

The GPS system of this fish finder consists of LakeVu g3 maps. They cover over 17,000 lakes, so it includes only inland maps and no coastal coverage.

As this is an ice fishing bundle, it comes as a kit with whatever consisted of in the package. That consists of the screen unit, a convenient bring case, GT10HN-IF ice fishing transducer, battery, battery charger, cable, grommet and foam float.


7 inch WVGA display.
CHIRP finder.
Flasher mode.
Can reach depths approximately 800 feet in freshwater.
Sonar recording and rewind.
GPS system.
LakeVu maps.
Wireless connectivity.
Comes as a complete package.


The touchscreen is useless when operating it in gloves.

Lowrance Hook2 7.

high-end fish finderThe last item we had actually like to discuss in our list of leading fish finders under 500 is the Lowrance Hook2 7. This is likewise a remarkable unit that offers a balance of simpleness and power, delivering outstanding finder coverage.

The first thing to note is the big screen. With 7 inches diagonal, you get ample surface area space, so you can easily read finder images even from a distance. It also has backlighting that you can tweak depending on the light conditions.

This fish finder includes SplitShot transducer, which is a two-in-one sonar unit. It provides both the conventional CHIRP finder and Down Scan Imaging. Traditional CHIRP finder offers you with images displaying fish arches. Down Scan imaging, on the other hand, offers you with a view straight below the boat.

The advantage of the included transducer is likewise the range of possible installing options. You can mount it on the transom, on the trolling motor, inside the hull or through a scupper hole. This suggests that this fish finder is suitable for use on a variety of vessels, consisting of on kayaks and canoes.

When using the device, you can pick either the autotuning finder or select the settings yourself. The autotuning function can be great for those who are just starting out with utilizing a fish finder or those who prefer to invest more time fishing rather than finding the right settings.

This fish finder is likewise a chartplotter. It offers high detail mapping that includes 4,000 lakes with 1-foot contours. You can utilize these maps to browse the waters, along with to find fish holding structures.


7 inch screen.
CHIRP sonar.
Wide-angle sonar.
Down Scan Imaging.
Autotuning finder settings.
Consists of SplitShot transducer.
Range of mounting choices.
GPS with high information mapping.
1 year warranty.


No cover.

Last Thoughts.

There are a lot of fish finders that are available in the under 500 rate range. However, if you’re searching for the best fish finder under 500, you might like one of the six items we’ve noted in these evaluations. We chose them based upon their finder efficiency, show quality, user-friendliness and other helpful functions. All of these fish finders deal exceptional functionality and for a cost that will not break the bank.

If you’re uncertain what to search for in order to pick the highest quality fish finder, we recommend taking a look at our buying guide where we cover in detail all the features of these gadgets.