Best Fishing Reels Under $100 (In 2021)

Best Fishing Reels Under 100

Piscifun Crest– Best Fly Reel Under 100
Piscifun Crest Fly Fishing …

Peaking at the top of the list is the Piscifun Crest. This fly fishing reel is made of lightweight aluminum. It is available in 3 sizes, 5/6 Wt., 7/8 Wt., and the most significant being 9/10 Wt. You can buy it in a conventional black or a brilliant green. The futuristic bladed style makes for an attractive reel. The reel’s features consist of a fully sealed carbon to stainless-steel drag. A click and drag silent recover gives you a smooth casting every time.

The lightness of the reel produces ease of use and travel without removing from its durability. With the fully sealed drag, this reel is resilient to even the hardest weather conditions. Upkeep is lowered to an easy rinsing after each use. Making it a strong option whether you’re a veteran fisherman or simply starting.

The slick, bladed design is cool to take a look at but not too elegant. The multiple sizes make it suitable for any size rod. For the hardcore fisherman out fifty to a hundred days a year, the Crest proves itself as the old standby. Upkeep is lowered to a basic rinsing after each use. Piscifun kindly supplies a life time service warranty on this reel.

Compared to the other fly fishing reels, the Crest strikes the strongest balance of quality to price. It still comes to less than if you were buying a similar quality reel from another brand. The weight and ingenious style are all balanced for an outstanding reel. If you’re starting, the design is easy enough to where you can learn rapidly and not need to work your method as much as another reel. Integrate that with its toughness and little upkeep, it ends up being the fly reel you buy when and keep fishing with for years to come.
Okuma SLV– Best Budget Fly Reel
Okuma SLV- 5/6 Diecast …

For the first runner up we have the Okuma SLV named for the Japanese word for “big bear”. This fly fishing reel is constructed generally from aluminum. It features a precision-machined brass brushing drive system and a stainless steel spool shaft.

In general, the Okuma is a strong fly fishing reel. Its style allows for silent casting and is light-weight which makes it easy to use. The sizes are more minimal to small to medium size rods. Do not try to land a swordfish with it. It’s a reel best fit for easy pond or lake fishing.

The biggest draw is the little price. If you’re on a budget plan then this is an excellent reel to order and get on the boat. In fact, Okuma SLV is the very best spending plan fly reel out there.

The only kickback likewise comes from its cost. Okuma’s resilience is damaged by its lighter aluminum compared to heavier, CNC machined reels. However once again, this is a strong reel with exceptional specs. It’s a lot more reputable than other deal box reels. This is why it comes second on our list. You just require to take care of it. Make certain to cram in the appropriate maintenance and the Okuma SLV is a reel you can get a great deal of usage out of.
Sougayilang Oscar– Best Fly Reel Under 50
Fly Fishing Reel Large Arbor …

As another deal, light-weight reel, the Sougayilang Oscar takes 3rd on the list. The fly reel is available in 2 sizes, 5/6 and 7/8. The reel sports a CNC machined design made from an aluminum alloy. The body includes a hollow design. Sougaylang’s signature gold color decorates the arbor. The gold around the arbor produces a good-looking visual. The gold is nice to look at. In general, it’s a good style.

For the positives, once again the Oscar has a great bargain price. This is an easy reel to get without sweating your wallet. The style is lightweight and functional. The Oscar is made from an aluminum alloy but it is not sealed. It will sustain well enough however you need to be cautious about heavy usage. The hollow body design, while lightweight, isn’t exactly quiet. Some parts might squeak while casting.

Another aspect is the supportive client service group. Sougayilang happily supplies a carefree 5 years warranty. Replacements and refunds are quickly handled.

The up and coming fisherman can get their marks on it, but ultimately, I ‘d recommend a higher-end reel. While definitely, it is an excellent reel for the price, the Oscar does have a few drawbacks occasionally. Like the Okuma, correct care and upkeep will go a long way with this reel. Sougayilang Oscar is easily the very best fly reel under 50. In general, it’s a decent style at a bargain price.
Piscifun Sword– Best Fly Reel for the Money
Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing …

Making the list two times is Piscifun. This time with their Piscifun Sword model. Like the Piscifun Crest, it can be found in 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 weights. It can be purchased in black, gunmetal, pink, and area grey. It’s crafted from a light aluminum alloy. Specs include the signature silent retrieve, a hollow style, and rust resistance.

The Sword resembles the Crest. Both include a lighter style and silent retrieve. This makes for smoother casting. One distinction is the hollow design. While this does cut the weight, the reel is more prone to the aspects. The reel’s corrosion-resistant hard anodizing assists with this but it still needs careful maintenance. Still, the reel isn’t invulnerable. Constant maintenance plays a huge function in how long you can keep this reel.

The sizes are adequate for a variety of rods. The added colors produce a fun range. An innovative fisherman might sit easily with the reel. The style isn’t so heavy that it ‘d turn off the novice. It certainly measures up to the signature Piscifun style and quality.

Piscifun’s Sword is an extremely properly designed reel. It ranks a solid 4th on our list. The quality is certainly matched by the price tag. The variety in colors is a welcome aesthetic. While it might not be our very first reel of choice, The Sword would be available in a pinch as a strong backup reel. If you’re considering The Crest but searching for a lighter cost, The Sword has actually got you covered.
AnglerDream– Best Value Fly Reel
AnglerDream 1 2WT Fly Reel …

Hitting midlist is the Angler Dream fly reel and line combination. This stylish reel can be ordered in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 weights. The fly lines can be found in yellow and sky blue. Its style is made from aluminum.

The Angler Dream is a terrific value for the reality it includes both the fly line and the reel at a modest cost. Its aluminum frame makes it another light reel for simple fishing. It is indicated to be strictly used for freshwater fishing. Taking it out in saltwater might result in quicker deterioration. The cheaper price does include a little dip in quality. Some have pointed out the fly line becoming quickly twisted or the loop connectors not working. If you’re a skilled angler, you would be able to tailor it to your preference. But then, I would not suggest it for a seasoned fly angler.

The Anglers Dream emerges as a budget-friendly, lightweight reel. However it is a great choice if you’re trying to find a fly reel to start with. Think about it as a starter pack or for a tryout weekend. With the inclusion of both the line and reel, the prep time is definitely halved. It is a fantastic pick if you just want to get out and go fishing once in a while. It’s a deal rate for a fantastic worth fly fishing reel.


Here is the list of our 10 Best Fly Fishing Reels Under 100:

Piscifun Crest
Okuma SLV
Sougayilang Oscar
Piscifun Sword
Maxcatch Avid
Croch Fly Fishing Reel
Redington Zero
Fiblink Fly Reel
Luremaster Fly Reel

We’ve talked about a great deal of reels on this list, however the Piscifun Crest is the very best Fly Reel Under $100 according to our reviews. It’s not slowed down by weight. Its sealed drag makes it low upkeep, durable fly fishing reel compared to the hollow-bodied reels. The variety of sizes makes it ideal for any fishing pole.

The Crest may share a similar price tag to a variety of reels ranked lower on our list, but it holds the highest balance of quality to cost. With all that in mind, it becomes the reel you purchase, take care of, and keep casting with for years after you’ve bought it.